Yamila, brings the rhythm of her native Cuba to the Los Angeles Latin scene. She learned a wide variety of artistic talents from Cuba, Europe, and the United States. At a very early age she was enrolled in Cuba's National Ballet School where she studied Russian influenced Ballet for five years and ultimately began performing as a soloist. Following that, Yamila continued her studies at Cuban's National School of Performing Arts where she learned music, dance, and acting. Together with her family she began a series of performing tours throughout the country. Yamila's passion for salsa music and Cuban culture catapulted her to fame with a growing number of Cuban fans that adored her style. Soon she was recognized as a TV icon appearing on her hit show "Para sentir amor". The shows success launched her international career and she soon started touring several European countries including: France, Germany, Portugal, and Spain. While in Spain, Yamila participated in numerous televised programs as a singer, actress, and host. She performed in many of Spain's famous concert halls in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia. Her European tour was a success and she later traveled to several parts of South America and the Caribbean..... MORE


Kendra Black, Stone Cross Music & Gem Rico Radio has been following Kendra Black from the birth of time, an inspiration to young women across the globe, her new track "Hustla" is a hip-hop track feat "Spice 1" this track is totally dope, the production and vocals where produced nicely, a nice follow up track to her latest music albums "The Fire" & "The Edge"  which in turn are hip hop rocking tracks as well. Kendra is from Italy but lives in New York City, at only 25 years old, she has managed to bring to the table a music company and record label called "Emerald Sounds" and also ran her own clothing line, the "KB Sports Apparel", which started in 2017, she is also a fashion model and Ballerina, Whoa that's a lot on a single plate. but Kendra's drive and dedication to represent the fashion world and music industry is 100% in her book, be sure to tune in for our next interview with the multi-talented "KENDRA BLACK" Review by Wilfredo Rodriguez  MORE


Will Rodriguez, has already successfully topped the charts for being number one globally on reverb nation and number one music, he has a beautiful soul who was born in Chicago into a large family who later moved to West Michigan. In Chicago he started off as a disc jockey at the age of 14 playing music for a live audience of friends and family, and with a bachelor’s in graphics design gives him the edge he needs today, his passion for singing is heard in his music. You will enjoy his R&B lyrics and mix of inspirational vocals, which will touch your soul. Will Rodriguez learned allot on how to produce music, write lyrics, play certain instruments, from all the band members his father booked for the concert stages in Chicago, if the hotels where full, his father would have them stay in the 1st floor of his house, so whenever Will went to his basement, there was a house full of Latin Jazz Musicians, he became friends with many of them, and they thought him the basics on how to create music melodies, produce and arrange music using various instrument patches from a keyboard synthesizer. Review by Theresa Fisher   MORE


Poetic Flow, member of Chi Town Natives Music Dou, Chicago Native and Artistic Pisces, Poetic Flow™ first began writing poetry in 1985. Her poetry captures the essence of everyday life, situations, circumstances, faith, spirituality, encouragement, motivation and more.  She is inspired to write by the universe (i.e. people, family, friends, strangers, feelings, thoughts, etc.) She self-published her first book of poems in 2008 "Poetic Flow: Poetry For Your Soul" through AuthorHouse Publishing Company. In June 2014, she self-published through Xlibris Publishing Company, two new books "Love~In~Life Poetry" and "Positive Vibes by Poetic Flow."  You can purchase any and/or all of her books via the BOOKS tab above or, the book cover images below on this website MORE


Lisa Panagos, you can feel the intensity in her vocal delivery, a lot of feeling and soul behind the sexy voice, "Let's Get Down Right To It" type of lyrics in her music, with an experienced band backing her up with the nu disco, dance, pop, electronica, & R&B Soul Instrumentals, her single Mind's Eye really hit home with us here at stone cross music, especially the dance mix of the song, you can check out the rest of her music at digital download retail stores online, nice job Lisa Panagos Midwest United States Representing, worldwide promotional company Grammy entered artist Lisa Panagos is currently working on her new record that will drop 2019. She wrote, produced and arranged the record. She just had a session at Capitol studios with a twelve-piece string section and is currently mixing the record with Grammy and Emmy winning mix engineer Clark Germain at East West Studios Hollywood, California. As an Actress she is filming the lead in a short film and preparing for the lead in a feature entitled ‘Smiling Thorough the Tears’. Lisa will be touring the UK this summer with WOA records artists including Grammy Entered producer and artist Oliver Sean. She is doing multiple radio shows with various stations worldwide and is being featured in multiple entertainment magazines. It’s another busy year for Lisa Panagos! Review by Wilfredo Rodriguez  MORE


Bring It Back Radio, internet radio podcast featuring only the old school oldies of our time, with exclusive reviews, interviews, plus news from music artist  & music bands, tune in daily to hear the awesome music classics from the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's, further more, it's a pleasure keeping everyone in the mix with old school, the roots of the dance era, and responsible for new genres being discovered...  MORE


CSN Muzik, The Future of Music Is Here, the music industry has gone through many changes in the past years, with the internet offering artists and music fans alike an easy way to purchase and listen to music. As an independent producer, CSN-MuZik has been keeping up with the changes in the industry. Focusing on the music trending today he has collaborated with many talented DJ's, artists and mix mastering engineers alike to bring you the joy of music in a masterpiece composition. Be a witness with your own ears by listening to his music library composed of singles, EPs and albums simply by clicking the website link below. Music can change your mood, paint your experiences, and color your memories. CSN-MuZik believes that the right music can have a powerful influence and has understood that music means different things to different people. He creates his music on that exact premise, with the goal of bringing musical talent the world would never forget...  MORE


Mariami, It does not matter what part of the world you’re from, music is all about feeling and emotion, if you Incorporate that into your delivery, the vocals from beginning to end will be on lock, Mariami  definitely has that in her songs, it is way harder to try to keep emotion and feeling in tracks that have 120 and above BPMs then a music production track that has a much slower BPM like within the range of 68 to 98 BPM, Mariami seems to be pulling this off nicely, check out her new album 6 songs and hear for yourself, you won't be disappointed. Review by Wilfredo Rodriguez    MORE


Suzanne Cook, was born in Stockwell, South London, into a working-class family. I never knew my father and I hardly knew my mum. She was only sixteen when she had me. I remain her only child. Soon after I was born, my mum had a nervous breakdown, claiming she’d been raped by my father. She never fully recovered. My earliest memories are plagued by vague grey images of visits to austere psychiatric hospitals. It was my Nan who brought me up. My Granddad was an alcoholic and a gambler. There were always arguments and fights. It was inevitable that I ended up in foster care. To relieve the stress, I would sing. Singing was my therapy. I attended Stockwell Primary School, but I found it difficult to fit in. I was shy and sensitive. I remember being teased about not having a dad. The only time I felt relaxed was when I was performing on stage in one of the school’s musical productions. From an early age, I knew that I wanted to be a performer. That was where I felt most comfortable and most alive. My secondary school life was miserable and short. My mum was back on the scene and I could not concentrate, even though I showed potential. I ran away from school at fourteen, after a bad fight in the playground. I needed to get away, so I moved in with my mum. That was a big mistake. One day, she brought a man home from the hospital. He was twenty-six; I was only fifteen. When mum was high on her medication, he took advantage of the situation, and me. In desperate need of some stability... MORE


Katie Ellie, from the start of her musical journey, she spent the past year writing a good 30 songs, from an early age she has written out the lyrics to her favorite songs & seeing them instead of hearing them inspired her to create her own. Singing & writing is a real passion for her and this year she has have made it her mission to get out there and sing more at live venues. In fact, she already performed at Leeds Pride festival in front of thousands of people. she is also due to be in the lineup for an acoustic session at McCoy’s café in Hull June the 11th if you’re around. She hopes to have a collaboration and have two talents create something beautiful. If you haven’t already, check out her Miss Lionheart video as it will be out for general release real soon! she would like to thank James Grover for all his help on making her songs sound so great. be sure to keep up with her update on her iTunes release. by Wilfredo Rodriguez   MORE

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Across The Wide, formed in 2008 as a band ready to bridge a number of American musical traditions. Situated at the crossroads of Traditional Country, Americana, and Honky Tonk, their music is the kind of toe-tapping experience that appeals to audiences from Nashville Tennessee to Lyon France. Formed in 2008 by long time friends Mark Mundy and Jody Abernathy, Across The Wide’s performances are a showcase of excellent songwriting, with captivating melodies and memorable lyrics, providing sensational live shows that have audiences praising the experience long after the concert ends. Jody was selected as one of twelve songwriters worldwide to attend the Jeffrey Steele Songwriters Boot Camp in Nashville, Tennessee. They have been the featured act at national and international events... MORE


L Perry, This is one hell of a Journey! Even without including L Perry’s personal and private life it still is. LP was adopted by her parents quite late in life! She probably came out of the womb singing and dancing! But did what any child could do once started school and played a few instruments the cornet another very large brass instrument, of course the recorder at that time. She absolutely loved to dance and went to the Paris school of dancing for ballet. There was absolutely no one around her in her family or anyone who knew anything about dancing singing, or anything to do with these creative and performing arts. she earned her bronze silver medals in ballet. All her BAGA badges in gymnastics, but just sung at any opportunity  she could ,regards singing, she sung in her music lessons, and could read and write music at this point, but it didn't stay with her ,but the tunes in her head did. She continued singing to neighbors the school choir, church choir, and to anyone would listen, MORE



Lisa Panagos, I had a blast being interviewed by Will Rodriguez.  He asked some amazing questions and my fans loved it!  He knew exactly how many people were listening and it blew my mind!  He pushed the show worldwide and I was so grateful for the interview and the plug for my single Ecstasy.  I would love to have another interview with Will once my new record is released in May!  Thanks, Will!  xoxo!

Poetic Flow, Stone Cross Music has and continues to provide amazing music behind my poetry.  Wilfredo Rodriguez whom I affectionately call Gemrico; is a phenomenal music producer that is completely in sync with hearing my recorded poems and creating the perfect melodies each and every time to truly bring the poem alive! &Thank you for always bringing my poetry to a new level.


L Perry

L Perry Will your promoting and support from stone cross music is second to none! The Absolute Best! You've reached out to numbers worldwide that are incredible and in a very short time have been such a great supporter of me as an Artist. Anyone needing support from Stone cross as an Artist stone cross is the site to be on, and Will is simply Amazing. 


Mala Rodriguez, Willie You better be promoting over there in the US fam, you know how we do here in Spain, Thank You baby!  Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Song, Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Music Album. Thank You, the promotion you did for me was just totally super, we had a great response from the video advertisement you did Thank You so much, look forward to next time.






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